We offer a wide variety of unwind and rewinders with many options: servo-driven, slitters, cantilevered, shaftless, surface, auto lap splicers, turret rewinds, integrated accumulators, and slit stations. We have standard and custom solutions for most winding applications, including nonwoven fabrics, paper, film, foils, foam, and rubber.


  • Digital Dancer and/or load cells for accurate tension control on paper, film, and foil.
  • Dancer tension adjustment stored on the touch screen.
  • A rewind pressure roller will guide the web to the roll and apply pressure to remove trapped air and build a proper rewound roll.  The arm pressure is touch screen controlled and automatically adjusted based on the taper tension settings.
  • Taper tension pressure and rate are set in the touch screen and automatically adjusts the pressure roller and the tension to build the highest quality roll for a given substrate. 
  • Roll diameters are displayed.
  • Automatic roll stops on diameter or foot count are standard.
  • Boschert Safety chucks are standard in many of our winders.
  • Servo, spindle, vector motors for both unwind and rewind application.

We can design a winder to fit almost any application.

General Line Components

The line includes a main control console to house the controller, servo drives and general I/O components. A gear side wire tray will run from the unwind to the rewind above floor height.

Touch Screen Options:

  • Unwind tension settings
  • Rewind tension settings
  • Line speed control
  • Print station controls
  • Maintenance screen

The servo controller is oversized sized to coordinate multiple winders, 6 printing stations, multiple screens and still have the capacity to grow.  Remote maintenance is possible by adding the machine to anInternet-enabled network. 

Weldment Winders


The base winders are simple stripped-down winder sets with optional roll lifts, load cell or dancer tension control.  Servo rewind can lead with a speed controller or follow with a dancer or load cell.  Taper tension option is available.  These low-cost winders are designed to run 1000 fpm.  Web widths from 10” to 50” and roll diameters from 30″ to 50″.

Unwind & Rewinders