Peregrine Machine is proud to support our former RG Engineering customers with parts and service.  Over the corse of 2017, and then the closing of RGE in January 2018, we collected the remaining employees, equipment, expanded our machine shop, performed press rebuilds and aftermarket support efforts world wide.  Although Peregrine Machine is focused on our new machines we do manufacture the legacy equipment upon request.

At RG Engineering's height in the 2004 to 2008 era we produced 8 and 10 station stack presses, multi web, lamination, print, coating and auto splicing equipment.  The pinnacle machine was our microwave popcorn lines that included almost every machine we produced into one line to produce microwave popcorn rollstock in a 24/7 operation.  By combining the skill sets of our prior RGE employees with the financial and organizational backing of Osprey Design Group,  Peregrine Machine is looking forward to a future full of solid metric printing and converting equipment delivered to our customers on time.

The Peregrine Machine team combined with our Osprey Design Group collection of packaging and robotics engineers has produced the most capable, creative and flexible team of individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Please feel free to challenge us with your equipment needs.  We also private label and co-manufacture some of our equipment.

David Ellingsworth